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March 2019 – My Journey
  • College

    Spring Break!!!

    Spring is a beautiful season when the air starts to warm up, and the sky smells sweet. Flowers are just beginning to bud out, and best of all school let students out for an entire week! This last week, I experienced the joys of spring break myself. My grandma came up to my college and spent the whole break with me. Oh, the adventures we had. We went shopping, went on two hikes, played a decent game of putt-putt golf, colored boiled eggs, played dominoes, watched movies, and knitted and crocheted. One might say that we had a super fun, action-packed week!             The only thing I half-way retreat…

  • College

    How to survive midterms:

    It’s that time of year where the air is crisp, and the tears are many. In other words, it’s #cries4days! Just this morning I was sitting outside my classroom right before I took my exam, and instead of studying I was people watching. So many students were running around panicking, and I discovered today’s most popular saying, “‘Did you study? …. ‘No!’… ‘Did you?’… ‘No’”, and I found it interesting how so many people were experiencing the same panic mode. Thus, the question becomes, why do so many college students stress about midterms if they don’t even study? I made my next great discovery right before I took my first…

  • Growing Up

    Leaving Home

    After graduating from high school in Texas, I decided to pack up my bags and move to the east coast. My parents were very supportive but also tried to convince me to stay home, and they still do sometimes lol. My final destination was and is currently at Liberty University. I moved into the dorms a week early and was the only one besides the two RA’s. My mom and grandparents helped me set up my dorm, and about one hundred Walmart trips later I was finally set. Saying goodbye to my family was one of the hardest parts of the trip because I remember thinking when they are gone, I…

  • About Me

    Hello world!

    Welcome to my blog! My name is Audra Weatherly and I am super excited to share my life journey with you. Here you will find how the struggle can be real, how to survive college, relationships, and all things me. You will learn my favorite catchphrase “#cries4days” and how I make it in my life’s great adventure! I encourage everyone to share their stories and come with me on my great journey through life.