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Spring Break!!! – My Journey

Spring Break!!!

Spring is a beautiful season when the air starts to warm up, and the sky smells sweet. Flowers are just beginning to bud out, and best of all school let students out for an entire week! This last week, I experienced the joys of spring break myself. My grandma came up to my college and spent the whole break with me. Oh, the adventures we had. We went shopping, went on two hikes, played a decent game of putt-putt golf, colored boiled eggs, played dominoes, watched movies, and knitted and crocheted. One might say that we had a super fun, action-packed week!

            The only thing I half-way retreat is the first hike my grandma, my boyfriend, and I all took together. One evening we decided to explore the mountainside and take what was supposed to be a 1.5-mile walk of an overview for a waterfall. However, this was a #cries4days trip! I assure you that this was not a simple walk, and I was worried there would not be a waterfall or the end of the trail ever. Instead of a nice stroll down a path, we roughed it through an experienced hikers trail under fallen trees, over the top of large rocks, and down the side of a steep mountain! This is not what I had thought or wanted to experience, LOL. I think the trail needs a sign that reads, “100-mile trail straight down a mountain with 99% chance of a guaranteed sprang ankle and the sightings of a tiny waterfall this way”, I feel that that would be a more accurate description of what we endured! However, we eventually made it back off the trail and decided never to go back there again, haha.

            One of my favorite things my grandma and I did together was playing putt-putt golf. We both made about five holes in one and had a great time! We laughed and played for nearly a whole hour. It was such a fun experience!

             Sadly, the week finally came to an end today. My boyfriend Mikey helped me take my grandma to the airport, and I said my goodbyes and see you soons. I loved spending the week with my grandma and cannot wait to spend more time with her during Easter.

             Please comment below and let me know about your spring break or spending time with family! Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Audra Weatherly and I am super excited to share my life journey with you. Here you will find how the struggle can be real, how to survive college, relationships, and all things me. You will learn my favorite catchphrase “#cries4days” and how I make it in my life’s great adventure! I encourage everyone to share their stories and come with me on my great journey through life.

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